About our company
We have a no compromise approach to quality and create our plant arrangements  to provide years of aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment . We employ sustainable methods where possible and use long lasting materials – no pesticides are used and we only use herbicides sparingly when there are no practical alternatives .

Only organic fertilisers and soil products are incorporated in our projects giving longer lasting, sustainable results and we believe the gardens speak for themselves.

We believe in working with nature rather than against it with liberal use poisons etc. as this cannot be sustainable long term practice without consequences – feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about our methods and why we use them.

Our speciality area is in soft landscaping these days. We can transform any garden whether it is an existing overgrown eyesore, perhaps overdue for cutting back and thinning, just needing a few adjustments or  requiring  rejuvenating with some fresh plant stock and some new ideas. Flexibility is one of our key skills and  we can tailor our regular maintenance service to suit your requirements.

The Environment
We are committed to dealing with your garden waste in an environmentally conscious manner, not because it may be fashionable at the moment but because we believe in recycling all that is re-usable and utilising a natural resource. Having struggled to find high quality compost in the past, we have invested in, and even built  the necessary shredding machinery to deal with all green waste generated and  produce our own high grade organic mulch which we always try to re-use in the same garden it came from as this is the best way to maintain a healthy thriving soil for your plants, along with  reducing our carbon footprint  by saving  time and fuel transporting green waste. We also have a professional source for organic soil improvers, lawn sands, mulches etc. when required

We are the landscaping company for the discerning...